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By Abby Metzger, Dec/Jan 2006

Carb Lean, Protein Stong by Ron Shinkle

Local author Ron Shinkle, with Formula 1 Fitness in Bend, has recently released a book full of pearls of wisdom on weight loss and wellness. Carb Lean, Protein Strong provides practical, easy-to-follow advice on everything from what carbs release insulin slowly, to positive emotional states, to daily anti-aging exercises. Readers get a comprehensive and insightful look at overall health in todayís world, and Shinkle does an excellent job at revealing secrets of the mind, body and soul that lead to a fit lifestyle. Better yet, the author advocates for conscious, long-term change rather than a fad diet that will phase out with the changing season. Information: or

Mt. Hood: The Heart of Oregon by Janet Cook & Peter Marbach

When nature photographer Peter Marbach paid his doctor a visit and discovered he had blockage in three of his coronary arteries, he was in disbelief. As an active climber who routinely hiked Mt. Hood with 50 pounds of photography equipment on his back, Marbach was even more shocked to learn he had to undergo triple bypass surgery. Soon after his operation, however, the avid photographer climbed Mt. Hood and decided he would create a book of his images to remind him of his fortunate recovery. Newcomers to the area and natives alike will marvel at the captivating images that grace the pages of Marbachís book. It will renew readersí infatuation with natural beauty and appreciation for life.

Retirement for Beginners by Carma Lou Rich-Saathoff

As baby boomers edge the threshold into a new era, many are forced to re-evaluate their life as their careers taper off and kids leave the house. Carma Lou Rich-Saathoff has written Retirement for Beginners as a guide on how to cope with lifeís changes. Speaking in a casual tone, almost like an old friend, Rich-Saathoff touches on hobbies, health, dating, cosmetic surgery and even sex. Her tone is certainly not crass, but the author does address subjects that other books shy away from. Where many think retirement means the closing of an era, this author urges 60+ year olds to see retirement as an opportunity for change and growth.

The Hot Kid by Elmoe Leonard

Elmore Leonardís 40th novel brings us into the 1930s era, complete with gangsters and guns. Federal Marshal Carl Webster is The Hot Kid, a guy who works with tenacity to restore order by putting the crooks behind bars. After he encounters a gangster as a youth, Carl vows to take revenge and eventually guns down the villain. This earns him respectable status in the community, and a host of followers begin to read his success stories in the True Detective magazine. Although Leonardís primary subject matter is serious, he never fails at inserting hints of comic-book humor into the mix. Heís also adept at developing all of his characters, including Carlís father Virgil and True Detective writer Tony Antonelli.

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